Well, golf season just might finally be here!  I heard Dr. Dame talking about opening day today at lunch.  Let’s hope for a warm, only rain overnight, and smoke free season!

Golfers spend a lot of time booking tee times and finding perfect courses.  Golfers spend a lot of money on all the best gear for making sure their game is as good as it can be.  

Golfers should also spend a bit of time and money making sure they have great vision. That little white ball soars fast and far through the air and even the smallest changes in your prescription can really affect your ability to track that ball and see where it lands.

Sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses are essential for the bright sunny days. Although the color of the tint is partly the golfers personal preference, we generally recommend the Maui Jim HT green lens.  This lens lets enough light through that you can still see to putt and you won’t have to take them off when the sun rolls behind a cloud (like a lot of typical Alberta days).  If you are golfing in the desert, then a darker lens, like a brown lens is often better. Be careful about getting too dark a lens.

One of the big questions we get asked is “Can I golf with my progressives?”  There is not a hard and fast answer to this.  Most people can, but a few people can’t golf with their progressives.  Generally the longer you have had progressives, the less you notice them while golfing.  Often people that are in the first couple of years of wearing progressives prefer to wear just distance lenses for golfing.  

If you have progressive lenses in your glasses that you use primarily for golfing, then often we will lower the height of the reading power addition, so that it does not easily get in the way when hitting the ball.  If you wear these glasses all the time, lowering the height might make it harder to read and see your computer.  This strategy is usually best when done with sunglasses, not clear lenses.

Good luck this season, have fun!