Halloween is a fun day!  Kids get to stay up late, hang out with their friends, eat lots of candy and pick the perfect costume.  Adults often get to do the same things.  

Choosing a Halloween costume often includes choosing a wig, mask, face paint and even creepy cosmetic contact lenses.  

The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends choosing a wig that fits well and does not fall in front of your eyes.  They recommend a very well fitted mask with large eye openings that do not impair vision.  Commercial face paints very often contain heavy metals including lead, nickel, cobalt, chromium, cadmium and even arsenic.  Therefore the CAO recommends using homemade face paints.  Good recipes for these can be found online.

Contact lenses that change your eyes to zombie white, or avatar yellow, or blood red, are a great addition to your costume.  

HOWEVER, these contact lenses MUST be fit by an eye care professional to minimize the risk of infections that can lead to vision loss.  All of these contact lenses have the potential to prevent oxygen transmission to the eye.  These lenses may not fit properly and can trap debris and viruses between the lens and the eye.  These lenses can cause blurry vision, redness or swelling.  Contact lenses are NOT ‘one size fits all’.  If cosmetic contact lenses are purchased from and fit by your optometrist, these risks are minimized.

Never share cosmetic coloured contact lenses.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!