It is very important to wear ski goggles to protect your eyes from the UV light, but also from the wind and the cold.

It is best to choose ski googles by trying them on WITH your helmet.  A good fit will feel comfortable and not pull on the skin around your eyes.  The googles should not feel like they are going to slide down your nose.  There should be no gap on your forehead between the frame and the helmet.  Insure that they do not decrease your peripheral field of vision.  Always choose goggles with ventilation.

Once you have chosen a frame style that fits properly, you will have to choose the lens color.  People often ask us what color is the ‘best’.  This is an impossible question to answer.  Black or dark grey lenses are best for bright sunny days.  Yellow is best for flat light and really helps enhance contours but is not good for bright sunny days.  An amber lens is probably the best suited all purpose lens.  It would be great to have different pairs for different days!  Some goggles come with interchangeable coloured lenses.

Air dry your goggles after a day of skiing.  To extend the lifespan of your ski goggles, always store them in the case after they are dry.  Try to avoid wiping the inside of the lens.  The goggles have an antifog coating that will eventually wear off.  If you have to clean the inside, always use spectacle lens cleaner with a soft microfibre cloth. 

It is not easy to get prescription goggles.  No company can put power into the shield lens of the goggles; the optics are much too complicated.  However, Zeal (the same company as Maui Jim) does make a very nice prescription lens insert to fit behind the shield.

Enjoy the 2020 (this year is our favourite year ever) ski season!  We hope for lots of snow and nice mild temperatures!