Laser Eye Surgery

Is Laser Eye Surgery the Right Choice for You?

Laser eye surgery has revolutionized eye care over the last few decades and it’s an option some of our patients want to explore. Our optometrists will examine your eyes to see if this is a possibility for you — some eye conditions won’t allow for laser eye surgery. 

Will I Need Glasses Again?

At some point you likely will need glasses again. If you have the surgery in your 40s, for example, in a few years you may need reading glasses and possibly a long distance prescription further down the road. 


Choosing the Right Eye Surgeon

If laser eye surgery is an option for you, we can provide a referral to a laser surgery clinic. We have established relationships with the best eye surgeons in Calgary and would be happy to provide a referral to one of these.

Contact Downtown Vision Care for an examination to see if laser eye surgery is the right choice for you.