The Best in Lenses

While it is important to love the look of your frames, let’s not forget the lens quality. Giving you the best vision possible is essential. Our lens providers are the best in the world and offer a range of lenses to correct and protect your eyesight.

Our lens providers include:

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The Right Fit for Your Eyes

We all have different vision requirements from our prescription eyewear. How many hours a day do you spend on a computer or a device? Do you need to see small printed material? What kind of sports do you play? Your lifestyle, where you work and how you work, are all critical to getting the right prescription lenses for you.  

Over 40 and Need Glasses for Close Work?

Office lenses may be a great option for you. Office lenses allow optimal reading on a computer screen, tablet and smartphone. These lenses provide a large and comfortable field of vision to reduce neck and shoulder pain and relax your eyes.  

Advanced Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses just keep getting better and better. The newest progressive lens technology allows you to have individually designed lenses for your specific prescription and near vision behaviour. There are five measurements that are taken before your custom lenses are ordered. This creates extended near vision within arm’s length and provide wider areas of vision which means lenses are easier to adapt to and have a smoother transition from distance to near.